Diet Plan For Weight Loss

In This Post Diet Plan Welcome back to the diet plan series of twenty twenty as committed I bring you a fresh brand new diet plan every month by following which you can cut extra fat from your body and lose weight it gives me immense pleasure to know that all those of you who are following this plan are getting benefits.

Healthy Diet Plan

More and more people to take advantage of plans and you also share your results with me. And now a special tip, guys, when I covered my weight loss journey, when I lost twenty kg weight in three months, I thought I had learned some healthy habits tips, and tricks along with diet.

And I keep sharing those tips with you in my posts. People who already follow me and read my posts will know that I have already shared many such tips with you. I am sure that you guys are missing a lot of stuff.

Best Diet Plan For Weight Loss

I am going to share with you that maybe it can change your life, fitness can help you a lot in achieving any goal in life, so read today’s post carefully and don’t miss that tip.

And now let’s talk about today’s diet plan, which plan I am going to share with you today, if you follow it for the next four weeks, your weight can be lost and this is proof that Nisha has done something today. Months ago, Nisha enrolled in the IM Bao program.

She is a mother who also had thyroid and after completing her journey with IM Bao, here are her results of course. This diet plan is based on Nisha’s requirements, body type, and choices. I was made by Rakh but the more important thing was that he followed this plan with full dedication, so I can’t give you a commitment that anyone will get the same results as Nisha did.

Fast Weight Loss Diet Plan

You may get fewer results, but if you follow the plan with full commitment, you will definitely get results and now we start the March diet plan for weight loss which is also suitable for those who have thyroid early morning.

To make ginger and lemon tea, we will boil ginger in a cup of water, strain it, and add fresh lemon juice to it. It helps in weight loss. You can also add lemon in plain warm water and if you want to take apple cider vinegar, you can also take one spoon of apple cider vinegar in folk form water, so you can drink any of these three drinks every week.

1000 Calories Diet Plan

You have to take it every morning as soon as you wake up, let’s go to breakfast, and on day one you have to take thirty grams of vegetable poha and this is how I make poha at home. vegetables stir fry salt, pepper, coriander powder, or healthy.

So that steam after around five we will add thirty grams of raw poha which we have removed from the water and has become a little soft now we will max it well and our vegetable poha is ready.

You can serve it with lemon, you will take vegetable rawa upma again thirty grams raw in semolina for breakfast one day, fifty to sixty grams of vegetables will be added even after it is ready, it will be around one fifty grams

Weight Loss For Diet Plan

On day three your breakfast will be vegetable besan chela for which you have to take thirty grams of besan and add the rest of the vegetables in it you can make two chelas and you can have it with mint chutney or ketchup.

Weight Loss For Diet Plan in Human Life

Now let’s go to day four. For breakfast, we will take vegetable porridge again thirty grams of raw, porridge, and fifty grams max vegetables which will make around fifty grams of vegetable porridge.

For breakfast on day five, you will have a cheese sandwich for which you will take two brown breads, which will contain cheese and some vegetables. On day six, breakfast will be vegetable oats, again the same quantity, thirty grams of raw oats will be vegetables.

This will give you grams of cooked veg oats. On day seven your breakfast will be either three large idlis or four small-sized idlis with two spoons of coconut chutney and one katori sambar. So these were the seven different breakfast options.

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