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How To Apply For Dubai Jobs 2023 In today’s post, we delve into a significant job opportunity with a semi-government company based in Dubai – the Dubai Taxi Company (DTC). The company is expanding its team and is currently in search of bike riders to join its workforce. If you’re on a visit visa in the UAE and eager to explore job options, this post is tailored just for you. Stick around till the end for essential details on how to apply and the entire application process.

Dubai Jobs 2023 Bike Riders

DTC, a renowned entity in Dubai with its fleet of taxis, is now venturing into hiring bike riders. The company is looking to recruit at least 200 bike riders to meet the growing demands within Dubai. The exciting part? The salary ranges from 2250 to 2500 dirhams – a great opportunity for those seeking employment in the UAE.

Requirements for Dubai Jobs 2023

If you’re considering applying for this position, there are a few prerequisites to keep in mind:

  1. Valid UAE Driving License: The foremost requirement is a valid UAE driving license. Whether you’re an experienced biker or a novice, having a valid license is a must.
  2. Biker’s License: As a bike rider, possessing a biker’s license is crucial. This ensures that you are well-versed in the intricacies of bike riding, providing a safer experience for both you and the company.
  3. Educational Background: While a higher education qualification is not mandatory, a minimum of a metric-level education is preferred. Additionally, being able to read, write, and understand English is essential, as most instructions and communications will be in English.
  4. Age Limit: The company specifies an age limit of forty years. Applicants within this age range are deemed more suitable for the role.

Dubai Jobs 2023 For Pakistani

From Pakistan

For those applying from Pakistan, the process is straightforward:

  1. Documentation: Email your CV, passport copy, photo, and a copy of your UAE bike license to the provided email address.
  2. WhatsApp or Call: Reach out via the provided WhatsApp or contact numbers for additional information or queries.

From UAE

If you’re currently in the UAE, the process remains the same. Ensure you have a valid UAE driving license for bikes, and you can apply directly.

Dubai Jobs 2023 Visit Visa For Pakistani

Even if you’re on a visit visa in the UAE, as long as you possess a valid driving license, you are eligible to apply. Simply follow the same application process outlined for candidates in Pakistan.

How To Apply For Dubai Jobs 2023

  • English Proficiency: Given the nature of the job, having a good command of English is beneficial. Instructions and communications often come through mobile phones, and dealing with customers requires effective communication skills.
  • Contractual Obligations: Understand that this job operates on a contractual basis with the company. Applicants are expected to work under the terms specified in their employment contract.
  • Switching Jobs: If you’re already in the UAE and hold a driving license, this could be an excellent opportunity to switch jobs. Ensure you have all necessary documentation, including an offer letter from the prospective employer.

In conclusion, this opportunity with DTC for bike riders presents a chance for individuals to secure stable employment in Dubai. With a competitive salary and a well-established company, this could be the break you’ve been looking for.

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