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Latest Dubai Visit Visa Starting Soon

How To Apply For Dubai Visit Visa I have been here in UAE for 4 days because many things were about to be updated here, some of our agreements were about to be renewed and this is due to the Visa.

UAE Visit Visa

There is a break, and there was a need to take more important updates than this, so I am currently in my UAE office, I will be here for just two to three days, and whatever updates are going on here, whether there is news here or whatever here.

Their system is down and Dubai Visit Visas is not coming out. Now there is some delay in it. We thought that after December 10, we would open it again and the system would be normalized but because December is the peak of tourism.

Dubai Visit Visa For Pakistan

There is a season in UAE, when there are also Christmas celebrations, and New Year is also coming next, so right now their main focus is on tourism, and tourist VJs of Pakistanis are also getting delayed, which is happening every year.

Their system was upgraded in December and apart from this, the work permits which were inside the country work permits are also getting delayed. The work is being done, it is not that the work is not being done but the work is getting delayed.

Good News From UAE

Late approval is coming from More’s side, the fees are there, and the approval fees are from its Ministry of Labor, but they are not getting approved, the system is a little down, according to the Pakistanis, this system has not been normalized yet, but there is a good news in this.

Dubai Visit Visa For 3 Months

The 90-day job seeker visa was there in which you could search for a job. From January 2024, the government of Dubai is going to announce again Dubai Visit Visa and they are restarting it. This 90-day job seeker visa will be for 90 days. Of these, one will be for 20 120 days and one six will be for six months i.e. these three will be for 180 days.

Agari is going to announce this job seeker visa but along with that, there will be a restriction on those who are on a Dubai Visit Visa. Above people used to come and work here and get converted from visit to work, now this tourist visa cannot be converted into a work permit, it can be converted into a partner visa, it can be converted into an investor visa, or sole presenter but a Tourist visa will not be converted into work permit.

Dubai Visit Visa

If you have to come to UAE and search for a job and you want to convert from a Dubai Visit Visa to work, then you will have to first convert a tourist visa into a job seeker and then convert your visa into a work permit. And they are going to start it in January 2024.

This is a 90-day visa. There will be no special requirement for the job seeker, but the one which is for 120 days, the graduates will be allowed in it, as well as the normal category people, they will be included in this. Highly professional people will not be able to apply for this job seeker visa of six months or 180 days. Those who have degrees of four years or five years like doctors or engineers.

In this way, they are going to announce a six-month visa for the various degrees which are of four years plus programs and for those who have become chartered accountants, they are going to announce the visa of six months and the jobs of four months which are in normal labor category or even supervisor category.

Dubai Visit Visa For 90 Days

This is a seeker visa, it will be for only 90 days, not more than that and they are going to implement it from January 1st. Some updates are coming here daily, but at present, there are a lot of jobs available in the job market of Dubai.

They have come here because the tourists are not getting jobs, the reason for this is that the tourist visa is not being converted into a work permit, so those who are present here in UAE, who have their American ID, who are on a freelance visa.

Dubai Visit Visa For Many Employers

There are many jobs available here for those who are on free VJ or canceled visas. Many employers contact us in our office also. For dishwashers, for office boys, for warehouse helpers, for warehouse packing, the jobs are like this.

A lot of time has passed, and the reason for this is that the work permits of the companies are also stuck, new ones are not being issued, so they are utilizing the workforce that is already here, hence a lot of jobs are being left.

Those who are coming as tourists are not hired, it is difficult to get their visa converted at this time, so now you will have to wait for a week, you will have to wait for 10 days, and after that, no new updates will come out.

The system is down for the Pakistanis and for the Africans who come from African countries, they have not been able to update it yet and I think this December will pass in the same manner, from January onwards it will be back to its proper state. Will come back to the normal routine, for now, this much, take special care of yourself and those living with you.

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