Easy Weight Loss For Women

In Today’s post Easy Weight Loss, I am starting out on my women’s fitness series. So let’s go. Okay, so the first thing you need to know is that in today’s post, I am not going to go deep into the science of any topic.

If you want toned arms or if you want that flat stomach or that thigh gap it’s all about burning your fat and building a bit of lean muscle mass under that fat

Easy Weight Loss Tips

I spoke about this concept in my post on belly fat. And the fastest way to get both these things to burn fat and to build that little bit of lean muscle is weight training.

Again, I am not going to get into the deep science of it today because I have already covered these topics in my two posts for weight training for women and I am going to link those in the description below. But I’ll just touch upon them today. Okay, now here’s the thing, most women want to burn fat.

And the society we’ve grown up in, we automatically associate Easy weight Loss training with bulky bodybuilders and if you tell a woman to take up weight training, they’ll think of those bulky women bodybuilders. That is not what weight training does to your body.

Those women and those bodybuilders are bulky because they have injected themselves with testosterone and steroids. You do not have either in your system. Now the one scientific thing you need to know about weight training is that it has different effects on male bodies and different effects on female bodies. Because males have more testosterone they can put on more muscle mass.

Easy Weight Loss

You know that just strong, beautiful, fit-looking female body. That’s what you can aim to get by Easy weight Loss training. That’s what you need to know as a woman. Now the one golden rule I follow at Beer Biceps is that when it comes to something fitness-related, do not listen to a single individual, listen to science instead.

Easy Weight Loss For Ajwain

And the society that we’ve grown up in all our lives we’ve been told that if you want to burn fat you need to run or you need to swim or you need to do some kind of aerobics. Now that is true, don’t get me wrong. Cardio activities like running, swimming, cycling, aerobics, and Zumba help in burning fat. But here is the catch.

Easy Weight Loss Excercise At Home

They only burn fat while you are doing the activity. Weight training on the other hand burns fat while you are doing the activity and in the process of doing the activity because you are damaging those muscles even when go home, you are still burning fat. So when we are talking about Easy weight Loss training,

We are talking about two kinds of burns. The active burn happens while the activity is on and the passive burn happens even two days after the activity when you are going home and your body is recovering. And that’s why weight training is your fastest path to those toned arms and that thigh gap and that flat stomach.

And every single woman in the world needs to know about this fat. Science says that weight training is your fastest path to fat loss and your fitness goals. It’s not going to you bulky is just going to make you super fit and make you feel super great about how you look. Okay

Easy Weight Loss For Men

The second tip is that this is weight training related once again but scientifically speaking from a health perspective it’s super crucial for every woman to know this. You need to understand that your bodies are built very differently from men’s bodies. There is a reason men are physically built stronger. They have more muscle mass.

And more muscle mass translates to a better metabolism. And a better metabolism means a higher calorie cap men can eat a lot of food without the fear of getting fat. If a man and woman eat the same amount of calories, the man’s body is going to utilize all those calories much better. It’s going to fuel all that excess muscle mass.

And the second time a woman’s body starts deteriorating really badly is after the age of thirty. And this is something serious. After the age of thirty, women start losing muscle mass rapidly and the other thing that happens is their bone density decreases. And because of this combination of their bone density decreasing and the muscle mass dropping they are more prone to injury.

The coordination isn’t as good as it was. And once again the solution to this is strength training. When I go to an Indian gym I’ll always see the guys in the weight section and all the women are on the cardio machines.

Easy Weight Loss Diet Plan

Because women just want to burn fat and they think okay cardio is my go-to. And a lot of times you see that the older women are actually taking up weight training because they that okay you know my strength levels are going low and as a woman, until you reach that age you don’t value something like strength or muscle mass

But it’s all about realizing that you know this is going to happen to your body at some point in the future and if you are in your early s if you are in your teens this is the right time to take up strength training forget what you grew up hearing about becoming bulky through Easy Weight Loss.

Now, you’ve got to understand that how you look depends primarily on your diet. It depends on the food you select to eat. Now, if you are a woman who is struggling to reach her fitness goals.

If you want to get somewhere, you want to burn off that little bit of fat and you’ve bought into all these diet crazes, you bought a lot of diet food and you bought multi-grain bread and Greek yogurt and all these things.

I have about % women and % men. So I am just making this post for the women Now I really want to make a lot of women’s content. Putting out content for women and educating women is something I am very passionate about. But I want to reach out to more women.

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