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How To Start Freelancing Jobs in Pakistan

How To Start Freelancing? Please tell us that it has often been seen that we create accounts with zeal and passion but are not able to use them properly. We feel that if the client is not approaching us then someone is tentative.

There is a time when you don’t read it actively for a month, two months, or three months, then once your profile of ‘f’ or ‘up’ works, the thing in this is that if your intention is strong, you want to do something, there is a mistake in your intention.


No, if you want to do something from your heart and you are ready to take every kind of risk for it, then you keep getting orders. It is not that orders do not come, for that only two things are consistent hard work.

Hasan Raza is once again present at your service. Friends, thank you very much for your appreciation and cooperation till now, friends, which is our topic today. That is very interesting, friends, your feedback came that Hassan Bhai, an episode should also be made on the topic that we are not able to survive on one job, so what kind of business or other job can we do sitting at home along with the job?

Freelancing in Pakistan

Our wounds can be cured, friends, to talk on this important topic, we have invited one of the seasoned professionals of Pakistan Ladies and Gentleman, his name is Hamza Abbas. Hamza Abbas is currently working as Assistant Manager HR at Jin Solution My. In TM apart from this, he is also a freelancer.

Let’s meet Hamza and learn how to combine one job with another or do your own business. Thank you very much Hamza for joining us today. I am super excited that you are with us today. Welcome on board thank you thank you Hamza as we were discussing in our intro if your life has become difficult and if your survival has become difficult and you want to do one job along with another then you can get a job in the office.

What is Freelancing

Do it and even after coming home, you want to work, if you want to earn money, then how can you earn money? Mashallah, you are excellently earning money and are also doing a job. Please tell us, brother, how. Yes, you can earn money in dollars. Thank you that you have invited me.

First of all, as far as your question is concerned, we have to understand what is freelancing because all this you talked about is related to freelancing. What is related to freelancing is that you are self-employed, okay, you are your own boss, okay, what is freelancing is that whatever skill set you have, you provide those services to different people worldwide.

Freelancing Platforms

There is no limit that you have to provide till Lahore or Karachi, you can provide your services all over the world freelancing through multiple platforms like Upwork, is mainly which are running now f and upwork.

And if I tell you about mine, I can do that inside five Lansing, okay, this is the thing, okay, please tell us that Mashallah brother, you are also working, after work, the person comes back in the evening but Issues are going on in life, the problems are not being fulfilled. What are the shortcuts that you understand, friend, that if you do two or three things easily, then you will be able to earn something, what is that?

What is that, are you okay at work? If we talk about ‘f’ then first of all you have to identify your skill, which skill do you have? Okay, now you have thought that you have this skill, now if I am an HR professional, then I am I think I can provide HR consulting.

How To Start Freelancing

Now I have the skill on, you can sell it there, you just need to explore, I have this skill, can I sell it there or not, okay you open it, you will go there.

You will explore different categories, there you will see that I can provide these services and after going there, you will describe your services to the people, to the clients, okay, to the clients that you have in all over the world, you have started from this mind, then you have started there when your If you want to provide services, then you have to think whether as a buyer or as a client, if you need this thing, then what will you write, what will you search, like if I talk about myself, I think if I need employee handbook or HR policy manual.

So I will write that if you need an employee handbook or other policy man, then you have to keep simple keywords, it should be simple and a little unique in the sense that their terms and technical terms should be unique that the relevant person is directly available with you.

Fiverr Freelancing

All About Keywords Now if I tell you one mechanism of f, it is that the gigs you place, you can call the gig as an online shop of yours. If I talk about it in simple words, then you can give an example of this i.e. the market.

When you go to the market for shopping, you shop from the main shop, you don’t have much time to go ahead, so the gig is also that if your gig is in front, it will be on the main page, first one to five pages. If the number is up to 100,000,000, then you will have a chance of getting the order and how will it be from one to five pages, if you use keywords well and make your description good and clear cut, if you mention your services there, then this thing is right, good.

Monthly Earning

Hamza, please tell us that it has often been seen that we create accounts with enthusiasm and passion but are not able to use them properly. We feel that if the client is not approaching us then there is no tentative time. It happens that you don’t actively read it for a month, two months, or three months, then once your profile of fiber or upper will work, the good thing in this is that if your intention is strong and you want to do something, there is no fault in you.

If you want to do something from your heart and are ready to take every kind of risk for it, then the orders keep coming to you, it is not that the orders do not come, there are only two things for that, consistent hard work and patience, these two things are there in you.

Freelancing Meaning

Your order will keep coming if you create your account, publish your gig, your gig goes live, it does not mean that you will get the order the next day, it may take you a month, two months, even six months, even eight months. It may seem that I have experienced this thing myself.

After six months, I got the first order, but before that, you should not sit idle, you should open the fiber every day, beyond that, you should come live every day, explore it, and share it. Then you go there, you will see great opportunities, okay, and I will tell you this in simple words that you will be impressed, this is a very interesting thing, you are getting to learn new things, you are exploring.

If you are hungry then when you stay on it, you will explore it and your motivation will also increase and you will get hungry. When you get fat and you are hungry, then you will get an order and you will not let that order go. You will complete that order somehow or the other.

Freelancing Course

You will keep doing it. Well, I would say that most of the people say that in the beginning, they are getting paid for the work and not much hard work. You can understand that you are doing a course or you can say that money is being spent on marketing as you know.

Bleeding is a term used for marketing, you will say that your money is bleeding is fine or you are investing money on marketing, in terms of not in terms of money, in terms of you will say that your hard work is fine and that Whatever amount you get paid, you should do that work and deliver it so that you get profile build and these reviews because based on them you will get new orders.

Correct, as you just told me that even if you are getting fewer orders and are getting less money if you remain consistent, a time will come when you will get the money. How much was your first order? If I tell you the truth, my order was for $5 and the work was so much that now.

If I get that order at this stage, I will charge at least $100 for it. Okay, so I got that order delivered for $5, somehow because at first, I was so happy that after six months I got it delivered. When the order came, after that I had this motivation, I understood it, I also took time, I also gave up my heart, the order is not coming, leave it but no, I kept trying, so the order came from Allah Taala and I delivered it.

UpWork Freelancing

Whatever I was able to do, Hamza, how much money have I earned till now, please tell me the truth, now you are getting me to disclose, so I have started telling this just for motivation, till now, if I talk about myself, then 15 lakhs, around 15 lakhs, that’s how much I am.

Have you built any car, have you bought a saree, have you done anything, that is being sold everywhere, that one ad, come on, tremendous, wonderful, great, ok, Hamza, has it ever happened like, Mashallah, you are telling that you have earned so much money and you When you motivate people around you, you say, look, this is Upwork, freelancing is a good platform, from here you can earn money, the next people say no, no, this is not possible, that is, it is possible, you have made a mistake, has this ever happened?

Freelancing Skills

Exactly what happened, I tell you that when I have a colleague or a friend in my circle, I know that he has this skill set but he is not selling what he has, nor is he taking advantage of it. I feel sad that look, if he has one thing, he can do it but he is not doing it because he does not have the motivation, he does not have the road map, so I try to give him a clear-cut road.

I should show him the map and explain the whole process to him so that he can do it I feel happy about it and I have given this experience to everyone that when I tell most people, they say that the order is not coming, I have just made it, what else to do, well, mostly people say no.

We don’t know whether the account we have created on our freelancing platform is on APay or FPay, now what should we sell there, that is, what can we sell our skills for, my advice is that first of all, they should explore whether -What services can they provide?

Best Freelancing Skills

Okay, after that they should do consistent hard work, and keep patience, As it has been discussed earlier, they can come, so I tell them that friend, Alhamdulillah, my health is absolutely fine and I have done this. It is a matter of experience and you too should experience it. Inshallah, if you also do not agree to that thing, then this is a thing, you have to motivate them a little, you have to tell them and you have to motivate them time and again, whatever they have is not enough for that thing.

You have to be prepared that if you continue to work hard then inshallah you will get that order. Well, when you do freelancing and also do a job, then those employers don’t say Brother, work here, are you freelancing, is it okay? Your question is very good and many people have this type of problem, okay, I will tell you this, the meaning of freelancing is that you are not bound that if you have given so many hours, then you have done that.

It is okay if you are working as a freelancer, that means that you are your boss, when you go home when you are free when you get an order, it is for at least one day. It has a delivery time, so obviously when you are doing office work, you are working in the office, so when you are free from the office, you go and utilize whatever you have in your free time.

How To Start Freelancing in Pakistan

Final question to you, should we do a job or should we come towards freelancing? We should do both and do a job. See Freelancing. It is generally said about freelancing that it is a way of earning a living and this is right, to some extent it is right. If your account is whatever it is, it is built, then it is okay, you will get orders.

If for some reason your account gets deranged, then you do not get orders, so you should take both things side by side, its advantage is this. If you do freelancing along with the job, then secondly, you are not mentally frustrated, and you remain satisfied that your income is coming, it is okay, the second thing for the Kharaj caste is the things that you learn from the job.

As per the suggestion of my domain, I am in HR, so I implement the things that I learn from there, it is okay in my freelancing, I learn from there and provide things to my clients, it is okay, that knowledge, that skill, so this is The thing is that I would say that you should not do this at all that if freelancing is going on for you then you should leave the job along with it, both the things should work side by side.

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