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How To Apply For Islamabad Police Jobs 2023 I will give some updates regarding the latest vacancies in Islamabad Police. I will show you the NOC which contains the posts of Sub-Inspector, Assistant, Sub-Inspector, and Constable. Okay fine?

Islamabad Police Jobs 2023 Advertisement

I will also tell you the total number of vacancies and their scale, okay? What is the scale of the C post and how many vacancies will come, right? You have to watch the whole post, you don’t skip the video, right?
So we have opened the advertisement, here is the NOC for I city police, right? Here we see. These posts are available in three categories.
The post of Sub Inspector is available. BPS fourteen post number is twelve. And second is the post of Assistant Sub-Inspector. BPS is eleven

There a sixty-four vacancies. Okay fine. Constable BPS is in the third position with seven. There are seven hundred and thirty-two posts. A total of eight hundred and eight vacancies are created. Okay fine.

Requirements in Islamabad Police Jobs 2023

Here you can see the news in the newspaper right in front of your eyes. Federal Police has issued NOC for the recruitment of eight hundred and eight posts.

There will be recruitment for seven hundred and thirty-two posts of constable for twelve ASI for Inspector. Okay fine. This shows us that there may be a vacancy in Islamabad Police. Okay fine? When I want to confirm, I will not say that it will come in the same month.

Many Vacancies in Islamabad Police Jobs

But it may come okay if it comes then I will tell you the complete method of how you can apply you can download the advertisement as you will know as many vacancies as the alert comes.

I will tell you the complete method. Well, the purpose of being attached to our website is that as soon as there is an update, apart from this, there are many other departments in which candidates are waiting for recruitment. Yes, we will upload the post and let you know.

ICT Police Jobs 2023 Constable Application Form

So let me share another important thing with you. Most of the applications are for Constable. Okay fine? I am going to tell you the method of application ie the eligibility procedure. How much education should there be and what is the physical detail? Okay fine?

Age Limit For Islamabad Police Jobs 2023

This criteria has been opened by me. Should your education be matric or equivalent? Physical. There is no age relaxation for your physical age of eighteen to twenty-five years. Your minimum height is five feet seven. Humans are five feet two.

Physical Test in Islamabad Police Jobs 2023

The chest is placed thirty-three to thirty-four. Foreman only is fine. This is the endurance test. Okay fine. One hundred and five miles have to be covered in these ten minutes. Okay fine?
The four-mile candidate has to complete the same race in fifteen minutes. I am talking about running for four per four-per-mile candidate.

Okay fine. This is the qualification method. Race, breast height, age education, right? I have told you all three things.
As soon as applied.

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