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In This Post, We will discuss the Kabuli Pulao Recipe I have brought you the recipe for such a beautiful and delicious Kabli Pulao. I will tell you the pure authentic method and you will enjoy it Inshallah and the method will be so easy that you will be surprised. It is very aromatic and very tasty.

Kabuli Pulao Recipe

It is a Kabuli Pulao and it is easy to make. It also takes less time. Okay, so at all you will like it. It will not be difficult, you have to read the post till the end, Inshallah you will enjoy it, rice is very tasty and juicy, its challenge is Bismillah Rama Rum, we will take a beautiful pressure cooker and in it, we will mix half cup of cooking oil in ghee, normally this is how ghee is made.

The flavor comes out better, but we use only oil at home, so I will use oil. When it gets heated, we will add finely chopped onions to it and we will not brown these onions, just make them slightly golden. I have to cook it till it is done.

Chicken Kabuli Pulao

I am taking around 700 grams of chicken. Basically, it is made in mutton and beef but we have chicken which is usually cheap, so I will tell you about the chicken. Cook it well. What will happen to the smell etc. of the chicken?

The color will change and go away. You have to add one tablespoon of salt in it and also cumin. One teaspoon of cumin powder goes in it. Add half a teaspoon of black pepper and mix garam masala—one teaspoon of it. You have to add no red chili to it.

Kabuli Pulao Masala

You have to add turmeric to it. No need to add black pepper to it. Don’t add it. It is okay that the standing spices do not go inside it. They have gone into the mixed garam masala. Okay, after weaving a little sequence of spices, you have to add water to it.

Water should be double the amount of rice that you had. 400 I had rice, okay, so I will add two glasses of water, okay, this will be enough for the rice, after that we will pressure cook it, 3 minutes whistle will be enough, the meat will burn well with this.

This honey will also be prepared well for us, after Bismillah Rahman Rahim, we will take a little two spoons of cooking oil and in it, we will add two to three spoons of sugar and we will heat it, what will happen with this, is the sugar inside the oil will melt.

FlavorFul Kabuli Pulao

It will get a golden color, it will have a very good flavor and inside it you have to add traditional carrot cutting, we will do the same, one cup carrot, we will cook it in it, we will not overcook it too much because it We have to keep it in Dum also, from here it will take a very good flavor of sugar, okay and these majids will become sweet, this sweetness is very important in Kabuli Pulao, the raisins and dry fruits inside it are not added.

I will do this because they swell in this oil, so we will not add it, we will add it in the oil itself, we will take it out, after that we will take Bismillah, we will take a beautiful pan and inside it, we will add the meat along with the yakhni.

How To Make Kabuli Pulao

You must have a question in your mind. That I did not add ginger garlic paste, so the traditional recipe does not use ginger garlic paste, however, some restaurants use it, because we are following the authentic recipe, so we are not adding ginger garlic paste in it.

We will keep the lid so that this vessel comes to a boil, only when it boils, will rice be added inside, you will know that when it boils, then you have to add rice to it. Here you will find the salt in it. You can check whether it is more or less.

Afghan Kabuli Pulao Recipe

There should be a little more salt because now rice is also to be added to it. So, we have 400 grams of old rice which I had soaked half an hour ago and it is fine after washing it. Remember that it is old rice.

It is washed properly, a lot of dirt comes off, okay and after that, there is a lot of smell which goes away from the rice, so these are important things, I try it, let me know, and I will increase the flame to medium to high once.

We will mix it and now we have to keep it aside and keep the lid on so that the rice gets cooked properly and swells properly.

Best Kabuli Pulao

There is a love from your side, there is love from your side, and there is a name, so now there is a little water, I will keep the flame medium to high, there is no time to put pressure and here we turn it a little with light hands. Okay, so look here, the yani that is there has become dry, which means the time for cooking has come.

Kabuli Pulao Recipe in Urdu

Now neither ginger nor green chilies nor tomatoes will go here because we are following the recipe that, we have a lot of it. Let’s add things, here only these carrots will go and these raisins will go which we call dry fruits. Okay, we will add these and after that, you have to keep it on simmer for about 18 to 20 minutes.

The rule is that it should be kept on high flame. After covering it, you have to keep the pan below the pan, you have to keep the flame high below the pan for one minute so that the pan gets hot, after that you have to reduce the flame to the lowest, okay, basically the rice in the steam blooms and rises.

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