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NADRA Junior Executive Jobs 2024

In this post, we are discussing How To Apply For NADRA the Junior Executive jobs available at NADRA. The age limit for these positions is 30 years, and the minimum qualification required is intermediate education. We will guide you on how to apply, share some useful tips and tricks, and discuss the preparation process.

When these positions were announced last time, those who followed our tips successfully secured jobs, and they are still employed, Alhamdulillah. So, make sure to watch the entire video for comprehensive details. Majid will now provide further information. If you find this content helpful and would like to see more videos on preparation, please subscribe to our channel. The last date to apply is June 9th, and you can submit your application on the career section of the NADRA website.

Apply For NADRA Junior Executive Jobs

  1. Visit the Website: Open the NADRA careers page by typing the provided web address, or click on the link in the video description.
  2. Current Openings: Click on “View All” to see all the available jobs. Choose the position relevant to your district for better chances of selection.
  3. Application Process:
    • Click on “View Details” for the job you’re interested in and read all the information provided.
    • Click “Apply Now”. You will need to upload your recent photograph.
    • Fill in your details, including your name, father’s name, date of birth, gender, CNIC number, date of CNIC issuance, domicile district, and tehsil.
    • Select the office location that applies to you.
  4. Education Details:
    • Choose your highest degree from the list, mention your grade division, total marks, and the board of education.
    • Describe your qualifications, such as whether you studied arts or science.
    • Add your qualifications and ensure you click “Add Qualification” to include them.
  5. Experience:
    • List your work experience, specifying the years and months.
    • Add experience details and then click “Next”.
  6. Final Steps:
    • Choose the appropriate job category.
    • Enter your phone number and email address.
    • Complete the captcha verification.
    • Ensure your CV is uploaded; otherwise, the application won’t be submitted.

Once you finish these steps, submit your application. You will receive a confirmation if the application is successful.

Who Can Apply For NADRA Junior Executive Jobs?

Anyone from Pakistan who meets the following criteria can apply:

  • Minimum qualification of intermediate education.
  • A computer course or certificate is preferred but not mandatory.
  • Knowledge of sign language and a related certificate are advantageous.
  • Preference is given to candidates with at least one year of data entry experience.

Additional Tips

  • Make sure to have some basic computer skills as it significantly increases your chances.
  • The maximum age limit is 30 years with no exceptions.
  • Prepare thoroughly using past papers and follow the syllabus provided for the Junior Executive position.

For those preparing for the test, we have resources available, including past papers and sample questions. These can be very helpful in understanding the type of questions asked.

We hope this guide helps you in your application process. Remember to keep us in your prayers, and if you have any questions or need further assistance, feel free to reach out. Good luck with your application and preparation, Insha Allah you will be successful.

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