New 5 Marla House Design in Pakistan

In This Post, we will discuss House Design, This is a 4-bedroom house, it has a very good location, this house is also white, you can call it an outstanding House Design. Its size is 3045 and Sahiwal is the location of this house.

First of all, you will find a beautiful lawn on the right side. Outside, this lawn is very beautiful. It is designed. Apart from this, outside which is its boundary wall, you will find mosaic work there—Totaler house which is white.

Simple House Design

Yes, it is available in color, and very beautiful work has been done at the bottom. Yes, on this side you get to see the House Design of the gate. Yes, look, this is a see-through gate. Whatever is inside it, the sheet has been placed so that Apart from the fact that it is not visible if we talk about the ramp, then the tiles on the ramp are visible till a long distance i.e. 7 feet in front, 10 feet in front, it is okay that this is a brand new house, it has not been cleaned, etc.

This is the car porch of this house, which is a big vehicle. Jill I, you can cross the simple thing here, you can see this floor House Design, it is a beautiful floor design, on this side you get niches and here you get to see the work which is a mosaic, apart from this there are stairs.

You get a good amount of space below it and if we talk about the design of its ceiling, then in Spanish House Design, you get to see this ceiling of pure white color, which is beautiful and you get to see the saddler, apart from this the main entrance. There are doors and on top of that you can also see Sandler.

Small House Design

Apart from this, as soon as you come inside, you find a small fountain area on the right side. Look, this fountain has been designed. This design is very beautiful on this side. Yes, this is the pump used in this house. Merc Bal pump is used in this House Design. Yes, yes, this was the area of ​​the car porch.

Now let’s take you. Yes, come a little further and take the stairs on the right side. It is visible that it is going up to the first floor and the steps have been made on it. Marble has been used on it. Here you can see two doors. Yes, this is the door of the main entrance. Yes, I am present now.

And on this side, you find the door of the drawing room. Yes, it is okay. Yes, come. We enter from the main entrance door. After entering, on the right side, on the very right side, you find the skate TV launch area. Yes, all this. There is a TV latch area and on this side, you get a media wall.

Beautiful 5 Marla House Design

The entire house is designed in white color. If you look at the ceiling design, you will also see a white color ceiling design. Apart from this, you will get a drawing on this side. The area of ​​the room is found, okay, this is the door from the outside of the drawing room, okay, here your partition will come, apart from this, see, beautiful work has been done on this side, you will get the use of 3D wallpaper for the entire wall.

Above you will see its design, the ceiling is the same as we have seen the ceiling design earlier, you will get the ceiling of the same design here, on this side you will get the attached washroom, this is the attached washroom of your drawing room, and in this below.

The seat which is there is used, okay please come, further on this site you will find the kitchen of this House Design, see this, this is the kitchen of this house, the open kitchen given here is 3045, the size of this house sees this. Very beautiful A+ quality UV sheet, where you can see the cables if we talk about the ceiling then you will get to see its ceiling in white color, apart from this, there is a window for ventilation on this side.

3D Wallpaper House Design

Yes, this is stunning work, from here you mean that the smell will not come in your TV latch, it comes on this side, yes, bedroom number one, see this, this is your bedroom number one, and see this beautiful below you here. But it can be seen that you get the use of 3D wallpaper in these, you can see the complete wall graphic.

You can see a very beautiful type of wall graphy has been done. If we talk about the design of the ceiling, then here you can see the ceiling of Spanish design. It has a very beautiful design, on this side of this House Design you will find its attached washroom, so let’s visit the washroom, see this, and inside the washroom itself, you get to see the wardrobe area, see this, this is on this side.

The waist has been installed and what is on this side is Vadra’s area. Yes, it is completely fine. If you come forward, what is on this side is what is of this house. You get the laundry area on the ground floor below. See this in the front.

5 Marla House Design Demand

The wall has been designed so beautifully. Okay, yes, this was the first-floor area. Now let’s take you up to the first floor and also make you visit the first-floor area. Okay, now these are the things that I would like to tell you about its demand first. The demand for this house is Rs 1 crore 65 lakh and the demand is negotiable, it can also be less.

If you like this house then you can also visit. You can see ours below. As soon as you come up, you will see what is on the right side. You can find the terrace area. Look, this is the terrace area. You will get to see the work of a mosaic in the chase. Okay, please come. It is on this side.

Front House Design

You can also see the park in front. This is the Ajak Valley in front. There is a park and on this side I am present, its lobby area is there, I am present in the upper lobby and see the design of the ceiling here and it is beautiful. See Sandler’s work here and on this side it is beautiful, you get rich.

First-Floor 5 Marla House Design

You get this globe which means overall designing which is very beautiful. Okay, as soon as you come up, you get bedroom number one right in front. Yes, come, this is the first bedroom on the first floor. And understand that this is the third bedroom of this house, okay floor. See the design of G. White color tile has been used here.

You get wall graphics in the front. You get the use of 3D wallpaper. Here, AC connections are used. Everything has been left as before. See what you have on this side. Yes, you will get an attached washroom here. Yes, this is an attached washroom. And I have forgotten to show you the design of the ceiling as well.

Best 5 Marla House Design

Please see the design of the ceiling once again. Here you get to see a white-colored ceiling, so here it is. Bedroom number one has been visited. Now let’s move towards the main entrance. We entered from the main entrance. And this is it. The TV launch of this house is fine. Here you get to see the open kitchen and the design of the ceiling.

See, it is beautiful, you get to see the design of the ceiling on this side, you get to see the area of ​​the media wall and here let me tell you one more thing you rarely get to see the ventilation of it. You should know that on this side you are getting the ventilation area, see this and a mirror has been installed on top so that if there is no light in the house, then the proper light keeps coming and this light is going down till the bottom TV latch.

Main Entrance House Design

If you have access to it, then this was the area of ​​Zee TV Luch. Now when we enter from the main entrance, then after entering, on the left side, you get the store area. The first thing that you get, is it is very important to have a store in a five-marla house.

Yes, this is a store, the entire wardrobe inside it has been made, very beautiful work has been done in this five marla house, Spanish house, yes, yes, and see on this side, what is there on this side, you will get bedroom number bedroom. Number is the fourth bedroom of this house and this is the second bedroom on the first floor. You can see the peels etc.

This woodwork was just being done and has just been finished. If you see the design of the ceiling, it is beautiful. You can see the design of the ceiling here. Apart from this, you will get the use of 3D wallpaper on this side. You will get the use of 3D wallpaper on this side.

5 Marla Double-Story House Design

Here also you will get the use of 3D wallpaper and its attached washroom. You will get to see it on this side. So this is a double-story house of five marlas, it is 30 by 45, its size is proper, it is built in five marlas, it is an open house, there is no Kanje house, if you want to buy it, then you can call our number.

You can see that you can communicate with us. Yes, you see this. Yes, now I have come here. Yes, in the bedroom area which has been left, complete tile work has been done here on the first floor. Now you feel that this is a dirty fair, that’s why. It is said that this house is going to be completely cleaned.

House Design Ideas

When the cleaning is done, you will have seen such a beautiful house in Spanish design, but this is the first house in white color. Come, let us also go above, you will see the roof area from above. Whatever it is, let me visit it again so that when you see the house, you should have an idea. Firstly, what kind of map it is and what kind of design it is.

5 Marla House Design in Pakistan

Now I have come to the top of the roof, so see this. Yes, this is this. There is a roof of the house, on this side this is the ventilation area and a mirror has been installed on top, yes, okay, on this side you will get a water tank, okay, and on this side, you will get the design of front elevation, okay, we are present now. In front of Rajak Royal Valley, you will find a zoo park.

Yes, see, it is fine. And the people of the house next to it have kept big pigeons. Here inside, it is fine. This work is also good. See, it is fine. Yes, this was 5 marla. Double Story White House in Spanish Design.

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