New 9 Marla House Design in Pakistan

In This Post, We will discuss 9 Marla House Design in Pakistan Today we are going to show you nine marla. This house is in a double-story Spanish design house and is a very cheap house. You will get a very good deal on it.

New House Design in Pakistan

This house is situated on the main 80 feet road. Its front elevation is of Spanish design. This House Design has five bedrooms. Apart from that, it has as many doors as possible. All the solid woodwork has been done. All the solid woodwork has been done.

You have never seen a house like this before. It is a very beautiful house DesignWe will show you the entire house very quickly. Whatever is there, we will make your visit, you have to see how lovely the house has been built and if you want to purchase this house, then hurry up because it is Jeevan City Phase One, sorry, Jeevan City Phase Three, its location is 80 feet road, outstanding.

Spanish House Design

To see this. Yes, this is Marla’s Spanish White House. Yes, this is a lovely House Design. You can see how beautifully the elevation has been made. Apart from this, how beautifully the elevation has been made. Look on this side, yes, this is an 80-foot road, yes, this is a very wide road, this is in front of this house, on this side you can see the park, see the speed at which he went, this motorcycle rider is Allah Hafiz.

Yes, see this. You have seen its front elevation. If you come forward, you will find the lawn area on the right side. Apart from this, see the design of the outside boundary wall. The dot work has been done very beautifully. On this side, you find a gate which is a see-through.

Simple House Design

It seems that some material of this gate is still lying. Apart from this, if we talk about the ramp, you get a ramp to 6 feet ahead, which is quite good. Here you can see the parking.

You get as many cars as you wish, and you can park them, so look at this, this is the car porch, this House Design has two cars, and two SUVs, and you can easily cross whatever is here, okay, apart from this, let’s talk about the design of the ceiling.

If you are of the white design, here you get the ceiling, on the left side you get the beautiful design, apart from this, on this side you get the open area, where you can sit and enjoy your tea, etc. Whatever the overall design. You can see that this is a very outstanding house. Apart from this, all the woodwork has been done in it.

Main Entrance House Design

All the work has been done in solid wood. You can see the main door in front. Apart from this, see this. A marble gray knight is used in the steps. Apart from this, there is a street on this side, and go towards the end, right at the back, you can see the kitchen area.

Apart from this, you will find a door which is attached to the kitchen. Okay, so let’s go inside, let me take you on a tour inside. I am the main things that you have to visit now. Look at this door, it is in total solid wood, okay and see how beautiful the design is, so let’s go inside.

This is me, after entering from the main entrance, I am present here. As soon as you enter the lobby, you find the powder room on the left side. So first of all, let’s see the powder room. Apart from this, under the stairs, you get the space for UPS.

3D Wallpaper House Design

Yes, this is a powder room and the use of tile has been done to the top, it has been done well. Apart from this, as soon as you enter, you will see a lot of this chess work. See this chess work and it is also 3D. Use of wallpaper:

This is the door of the main entrance. On the right side in front, you can see the door of the drawing room. So let’s see the drawing room. See this, see this floor. The entire tile work here is done above the floor and see this design. You might not have seen this design before. Apart from this, see below.

Woodwork has been done at the bottom. You can see the media ball in front and this is the design of its ceiling. The white color ceiling has been used here. Yes, it is fine Look at these door designs. Look at this. I will close it. Look, these are such beautiful door designs.

Beautiful 9 Marla House Design

These are also all in solid wood. A mirror has been used in it. Okay, apart from this, look at these DPs. This DP is installed and this Look, all this wood has been installed, it is okay, so on this side, you will find the main door. Entering the main door, you enter the one in which the TV is in the TV, see one thing on the TV, there is a street on that side too.

On the side also, you are getting proper area of ​​ventilation. In front, you are getting a media wall design and see this ceiling design. It is a beautiful ceiling design. This house is available in nine marlas. Yes, Marla is above nine marla, two heads of Sai.

New Wood Style House Design

This is a house, look at it, it is fine, right in front you get the kitchen. See this, this is the kitchen area. You can see the cab. You can see the design of the cab. There is a black and white color design. Apart from this, see this floor. This wood-style tile has been used. Apart from this, see the design of the ceiling.

The design of the ceiling of the kitchen. Automatic stove, everything is installed here and on this side, you get the serving area. Here you can place chairs etc. and eat from here. You can serve whatever is there. On this side, you get another kitchen.

Double Kitchen House Design

There is a double kitchen here also. You will see the use of UV seats of A+ quality. Again its ceiling is also very beautiful. It is a ceiling of modern design. Here it is inside, apart from this, this door is even from this side, this door is also solid wood, okay, there is no chance here, it is semi wood, it is okay, let’s go ahead, let us see this beautiful thing on this side.

What a beautiful area this has been made. Right in front, you can see a door. This is a door. Okay, this is locked. This room is okay, this is locked. Here also you will find solid woodwork. Apart from this, this is a room, see the design of the ceiling, see the design of the floor and overall design, see how beautiful the design is, see the white color tile with gray shade and this is the design of the ceiling.

New House Design

On this side you will find the dressing area, this is the whole. The dressing is there, it has been designed to the top, see on this side also. Okay, and on this site, you will get the attached washroom area. Look at the tile. The tile that is there, till the top, has been used here on this side.

You will get a separate shower area. It is a lovely House Design and my advice is that you should not delay at all in buying this house. If you want to buy a house then you will not get a better option than this. Yes, this is fine. The house is nine marlas, it is situated in Sirsa only area and is situated on 80 feet road.

Demand 9 Marla House Design

The best thing about it is that the demand for this house is Rs 3 crore 25 lakh, there is no such high demand. Okay, so this stair is going. Yes, let’s go up, here also you will find the use of marble and granite. Apart from this, it will be beautiful from below.

As soon as you come up, you will find a beautifully designed wall right in front of you, see this and it also has complete tile work. The work has been done, a very beautiful house, it has been designed, see this, here also you will see marble granite only, as soon as you come up, look on the right side, I will show you this, you can make this a study room, you can make a drawing room as per your wish.

You can make a kid’s room but its work also has to be seen, see Mashallah, very beautiful work has been done, see the design of the ceiling and apart from this, it has a terrace on this side, its door which is from this side is fine. If you open this door, you can go to the terrace.

Five Bedrooms in House Design

Overall designing, you can see the design of the upper lobby. This is the ceiling. We came up from this side and right in front, we were getting a door. This is bedroom number one first. This is the total on the floor. Let me tell you that this is a house with five bedrooms and the finish of this house is so amazing. See this, and check out the design.

This is just a lovely house. On this side, see this, there is a dressing area and it has Also, you will get to see the attached washroom area on this side, see this and see this door. You have to focus on the doors of all the houses, that is the door, all the accessories of the master of solid wood, and all the other accessories of the door.

Modern House Design

Okay, yes, let’s go ahead. This is a quick tour I am giving you. Okay, see this. Now let me show you this door design. See this. See how beautiful the house has been built. Yes, Sahiwal Jeevan City Face. See this. Yes, right now I am present there on the first floor, there is a TV latch, see the design of the ceiling, on this side, you are getting to see the media wall, see how beautiful the design is, on this side, you are getting to see its kitchen.

Yes, this is the kitchen, okay, see this, this is the design of the ceiling. Yes, the design of the ceiling of the kitchen, you will get to see an A plus quality sheet here too. Okay, this is the door, yes, it will open towards the lower area here. This double door has been given, this is a lattice door, the head, etc. does not come inside and this is the laundry area.

Luxurious House Design

Okay, let’s move ahead. We have just seen a total of three bedrooms in this house. Now let’s move ahead and see the woodwork. Yes, this is a wonderful House Design, you will not find such a house in nine marlas, let me tell you, see this is bedroom number four, see this is the design of its floor, you will see the wall graphics in front, beautiful, apart from this, see this, this is such a matching ceiling, its ceiling.

Design: On this site, you will find the wardrobe area. This is the entire dressing of the dressing. Till the top of the design, on this side, you will find its attached washroom and see, that a very luxurious touch has been given to it. Yes, this is the design of the ceiling.

Best House Design

Now one bedroom is left, I will make you visit that too, okay, see what you have on this side, this is the fifth bedroom, okay, the design of the ceiling is done, you have already seen the complete dressing on this side. It has been designed and the touch washroom area on this side is fine. See this. Separately, here you get a shower area.

Here also you get solid doors. 3 crore 25 lakhs in this house. There is a demand, but there is not so much demand, if you are looking for a House Design for yourself, then you can close your eyes and take this house as it is, right now it is lying, it may be sold tomorrow, then you say that which is in this range.

This mud has been made above on the roof, there is a good amount of storage here, see this, there is a good amount of storage here, this door which is there, will go to the roof, this is also a solid boat, solid boat, solid boat, we have been playing on this side since morning.

9 Marla House Design in Pakistan

But see, this is also solid Bud brother, here too it is solid, this is the laundry area on the roof, see this is the area of ​​the roof, see the design,

It is as if you are buying a palace, this is the palace in your mind. Keep the white house is the white house, see this, a very lovely house with beautiful finishing and 80 feet road, see this, there is a road ahead, brother, on this side, there is a park of Jeevan City Phase Five, this is phase three, and see here, there is a house, a House Design, it is okay.

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