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In This Post, we will discuss Health and Fitness Tips. I want to know how we can train while being healthy. There is no pattern of eating. Eat in the morning, eat in the evening. If you are eating in the evening, eat in moderation. Are you a teenager or younger?

It comes to the kid level, we don’t have breakfast, you need some sweet items in the morning but organic natural, eat two meals in the first meal, have breakfast, do hard work, then eat in the evening, connect dua, then I warmed up well, activated all my muscles. Done, then I do my workout.

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Hello Alam Welcome Nazreen, I am Doctor Emma, ​​you are looking at me, I hope you all are well, Nazreen, today we have brought up a Munfarid topic, such a personality who does not need any praise is present with us, Mr. Rehman. Abbas, who is a life coach and also the Vice President of the Pakistan Body Building Sports Board along with him, is also the Vice President of Self Defense Federation. Sir, many thanks for the timely program.

Today, it is very important to talk about this situation, way We see that the youngsters in Pakistan want us to keep ourselves fit, and healthy Fitness Tips, and gain muscles but at the same time we also have to face problems like anxiety, depression, and political instability.

Those things do not have this effect and mentally they are not able to maintain their diet by being relaxed in that way or are not able to go towards exercise like mindful exercise training, so I want to know this. How can we train while being healthy?

Fitness Tips For Female

Well, first of all, I will clarify this a little to make the concept clear in people’s minds. Bodybuilding and fitness are two different things. You should maintain the right Fitness Tips whether you are male or female. Now I have seen the youngsters, according to my survey, the majority who are teenagers and young people who are our next future for Pakistan, do not care about their healthand Fitness Tips.

We have made ourselves so busy on our social media that we are not thinking about ourselves. I forgot to think, that there is no pattern of eating, I eat in the morning, I eat in the evening, if I am eating in the evening then I am eating by suppressing it, now it has side effects, the body also says, son, what are you doing to me.

Breakfast is in the morning, we have it in the evening, there is no balance, now what are its side effects, hormonal issues, immunity, metabolism is zero, then what do we do, it goes towards fat, your tummy has increased, thighs have increased or your face is too big. After that, what is the situation that we go to the doctor, your medication starts, my effort is to help the youngsters, now the purpose of sitting on this platform and working with you is that we help our youngsters.

Health Fitness Tips

Give awareness message to what is important, what is your next future, right now you are studying, there is college, there is university, after university, you have chosen gram in practical life, what will be your health till then, have you ever thought about what should be healthy dietary patterns in it, because When youngsters are children going to school, they are not going even after having breakfast.

Even if college-going children are going to universities too, you are seeing that if they go without breakfast, then what should be the afternoon meal? Tell us in that context. And then what should be the specific diet for those who are going to the gym and for training?

Well, in this, the teenager or younger kid level comes to this, they do not especially eat breakfast, so their parents want such a thing that short So make it breakfast, for example, you want some sweet item in the morning but your organic natural hormone level is down. When you eat such sugary food, you get a boosting feeling.

Fitness Tips For Life

I do not want you to overeat or Fill your stomach and do everything. Few almonds. A little honey. You can do this or you can do this with a piece of brown bread. For children or teenagers, apply honey on it or some butter. Take one piece and short, some coffee, etc. as per the season. Make it in the shape of a T because children do not have more than 5 minutes.

I am merging it from the situation point of view and telling you that it is short when sugary food or you can add one to two dates and dates in it. You can add it because I do it on an empty stomach. If you want to do so, then add some fennel water and some naturally made short servings of it.

This is a breakfast food which in Fitness Tips does not mean that you eat to your heart’s content and fulfill your meal requirement. It should be fine, whether it is in a small serving or whether it is in a big serving, it depends on your Body and Fitness Tips volume, small or big serving, what have you eaten, a little car and sugar in the morning, you want to be happy, whether it is me or you have small children, it depends on the volume and size, what is good in it?

Daily Fitness Tips

Regarding sugar, this is Yuli Sugar Organic, I have taken the name Na organic, your sugar is sweet, so you have to complete it, I am not comparing it with artificial in terms of sugar, I am taking it from honey, then you have to complete it, you take dates, your glucose.

The level becomes good, it is better if you do not take salty things in the morning, it is not that roti is going on, the salon is going on, this and that is going on easy affordable and short serving, you will get energy and you will get the boosting matter. Well, people who have belly fat or youngsters too, these days most of the problem is that if they eat too much food or the duration before sleeping at night, throw a little light on it and how can you like Mashallah, your body is fit.

Fitness Tips For Daily Routine

People consider you an inspiration and want to be on your side, so what is your message for them? First of all, I would answer the last thing, there is a lot of sacrifice behind it and a daily workout is one of the daily diets. The pattern has been laid, I don’t move away from it. How do I fill my stomach? You have set your body on three meals. Today I ate three meals a day.

I had breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Yesterday I did not have breakfast. I had dinner. Lunch, skip breakfast. Skip Then the next day I had lunch, not dinner. Skip Now it is said that I don’t have time, I am very busy. Have you ever seen big celebrities, who are inspirational people, keeping servings with them even if Wherever they have to eat, I have a small tiffin in my car or my bag, if I have to compete or go somewhere, that is how much I need for a day’s serving.

Healthy Fitness Tips

If I am short of time, I make it short if I have time. If there is, then I make the serving a little bigger. There is no shame in it, even if it is a student, it is a university, the most precious thing in the world is your health. I have been in the Fitness Tips field for 17 years. For 10 years, I have been telling people on the news media that please take care of your health.

So it is okay that you did not eat this, you did not eat that because you think that diet is important. It means that it has become a jail, it is not a jail, it is a pattern, now I am giving a very solid example of it, study the date, it is also written in Quran Pak, earlier we used to eat two meals a day, had breakfast, did hard work and then had dinner in the evening.

Best Fitness Tips And Diet Plan

Right, we call it in English as intermittent diet planning. Iram then in Ramzan we say Mahe Ramzan ji which Allah Taala told, this is the same pattern, you take two solid mails, we take two solid meals in the morning and evening, you take a snack in the afternoon, take some beans or Eat seasonal fruits, you have got 2.5 meals which we call a snack. Best pattern.

You think I have breakfast and my diet pattern is on two meals, well that means I am busy changing my diet pattern towards young maturity like three. The reason is that I have to take one meal in the evening but in it, I have to take healthy things. Whether I am not taking cotton or whether I am eating too much rice or too much oily food, the pattern has to be kept like this, I have to activate myself, that is the example.

Isn’t the name of moving a car, keep driving yourself, keep driving, keep driving, these examples are good, reality is true, I have a car, I have a house, I have everything, but if I am not healthy, then what will I do? Enjoy the weather. I want to enjoy the natural things. How Allah Ta’ala has given me health and Fitness Tips. Second worship is your meditation.

Fitness Tips For Teenager Girl

This meditation is your health and Fitness Tips. One is meditation, where you connect with God. The second meditation is Allah Ta’ala has given you health. See, the purpose of your asking these questions. What is it that people should be aware of, meditation be considered worship or not as a formality, we saw a show, we got impressed, we got very inspired, we have to do this, how is your worship, your health only for 10 minutes or not even 10 minutes, you have to give yourself no matter what?

She is a teenager, she is young, she is mature, she is a wife, she is the mistress of the house or does she do a job? Is it not even 10 minutes? If you are healthy, you will work. If you are healthy, you will like everything. Okay, Rahman, I want to ask that nowadays it is the wedding season and Those who want to keep themselves Fitness Tips but get upset while eating, how should they eat wedding food?

This is a very spicy question and it is obvious that wedding food smells like this. You are just getting married. If you are standing outside, the smell is the same, you do it in the best way, I am not so cruel, I will tell you, eat it, don’t eat oily, eat barbeque, and don’t eat naan. If you want to taste, then taste a little because naan.

Easy Fitness Tips

Once inside, it becomes double, it becomes double, it swells, then do barbeque, make some rice, make raita, eat salad, put lemon on it, the best is easy, just yes, add it to it, do not eat anything very oily because it is difficult to digest. It takes a lot of time to do this and the spices used in wedding food are sharp.

You can take chicken pieces or whatever item is prepared for barbeque. You can take it. You don’t need to load it too much. The more you load, the more pressure is on the stomach. This much is enough for the stomach. That is called son, go on in it, go on, eat well, take barbeque, take naan, if you want to try something, take some rice, take average.

Food To Eat For Fitness Tips

I am telling you, take raita and put lemon on it so that it gets digested a little. It becomes easy, stay away from drinks, okay, the second question I want to ask is that many people who go to the gym or do training to keep themselves fit.

It happens that they are training and their heart is somewhere else, so I want to ask how important mindful training or mindful Fitness Tips are and what is your attack on it. To date, no one has asked me the question you asked. Didn’t ask the question, how do you connect with yourself?

Well, I answer it with my routine. What I do. When I go to the gym, I focus on myself and I have to work out. Before entering the gym, my routine has been Darood for 17 years. Sharif and Ayat al Kursi, I had to read that O Allah, you are giving me strength, I am working, this is my health, it is your trust.

Age To Start Fitness

Do people ever ask me questions, you were not tired in 17 years, you iron by holding on to one thing. You do not get bored after training. There is a philosophy behind it. People ask the above question at the beginning and do not ask how your feelings change. I have prepared myself for the workout.

One is given to us by Allah Taala and the other is based on health, we build strength on it. With mercy, there is strength in iron, you can talk to great gurus, there is strength in iron, we go inside the gym, they are very respectable, we respect them a lot, O Allah, give us strength, there should be no injury, for the purpose we are doing.

Belly Fitness Tips

Come, give us the strength that you have given us, we are building strength on top of that, and that too has been done with your permission, mentally I have focused, I am ready, then after that, you can listen to whatever music you like, whether it is old or not. English Ever Whatever it is, it is the concept of music, so do not get diverted because you have to take a break for 30-40 seconds.

You can call that muscle activation meditation. Let us call it Yoga, let us call it Stretching Workout, all the family has the same name, Stretching Meditation Yoga, all muscles are activated, this is the rule, we see, oh wow, his big packs are good, wow, he has big muscles, great strength, so don’t go into that philosophy.

Best Fitness Tips

What did he do, did he bring himself to this point, how no, we think that you are very fit Mashallah, but unless you adopt the principles of life, you cannot do anything, and you can neither become the President of the country nor the President of any company. Neither can you run a system nor can you run your own house.

Okay, brother, the question I want to ask is that those who are smokers do not want to quit cigarettes and also want to keep themselves fit. What is your suggestion for them, a little special, well, this is also very interesting, call it spicy, many doctors are such that they smoke cigarettes, so actually to add a little spice, I have mentioned this series of any bad habit.

First of all, you do this, give yourself time for 10 minutes, no smoking, tobacco is shown on big screens, it is bad for health, some people have sense too, but they are not able to quit, the first rule is you.Top Fitness Tips Give 10 minutes to your stomach, a little honey, and a glass of water, and you will be fine, give yourself time, do stretching, work, do yoga, discover yourself,

Benefits of Health and Fitness Tips

And what are you, and do a survey, of people themselves who don’t know what they are doing, they are saying run away We are going, okay sir, we are going here, are you? This life is short, time is not passing, the time of life is passing, so the best solution for Fitness Tips you is to give yourself time, just 10 minutes for a week, after a week.

There will be a change in your mind Fitness Tips if you are smoking four cigarettes, you will smoke three, you will smoke three, you will smoke two, you will smoke two, it is not possible to cut down everything all at once, but first discover yourself and take care of yourself, thank you very much.

Yes, Nari, Rehman Abbas was present with us and was telling us how you can keep yourself fit and how those who are smokers can also keep themselves healthy and Fitness Tips how to keep themselves fit. You can also discover various ways and we talked a lot about how those teenagers and young children who are suffering from anxiety and depression or whose diet patterns are not good can transform their lives by improving their diet patterns.

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