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PIA Jobs 2023 Apply Online

How To Apply for PIA Jobs 2023 Apply Online Assalam u alaikum. Many jobs have been announced in PIA Pakistan International Airline and it has always been the favorite of Pakistanis. The seats that have come in it are of the cabin and it has seats of the captain and many IT professionals. Training is intermediate in this.

PIA Jobs 2023 Apply Online

That is, if you have done Simple F FSC or I.Com, intermediate, then you can apply for it. After this, if you have done a bachelor’s, whether it is a BA or BSc, you can apply for it, after that, if you have done a master’s or master’s in computer science, master’s in computer engineering or you have masters in electronics, IT or telecommunication.

Pia Jobs 2023 Apply Online Last Date

Do you have a master’s degree or you have sixteen **** education you can apply also if you belong to any province of Pakistan, whether you are from Sindh, Khyber Punjab, You are from Islamabad, you are from Sindh, Gilgit-Baltistan, Kashmir, all over Pakistan, you belong to anywhere, you can apply in it, there are ten seats of captain, forty seats of cabin crew and many seats of IT professionals.

Pia Jobs 2023 Apply Online Lahore

And their salary is very good. Along with this, I will tell you the perfect way to apply. Don’t skip the post, Sanam Dilshad and I also tell you about many government jobs on a daily basis, National International Dubai jobs and also government PIA Jobs 2023 Apply Online and also tell you the perfect way to apply, so if you have liked my video so far. If not, Rozana’s task.

Pia Jobs 2023 Apply Online For Female

Yes, now we discuss them one by one, I also explain the method of application and tell who will apply for which post. There were basically three advertisements for PIA.

Pia Jobs For Female 2023

Do you make a single of all three so that everyone can apply for it? When they have released the applications, then they tell you all the three. First of all, I will tell you about the cabin crew. Good apply. There is only one way to do it,

OK, you have to keep this thing in mind, there is only one way, and you have to follow only one way, and where the forms are to be submitted, it is also the same. The thing I will tell you is that if the post gets a little long, don’t be angry because it is more important to tell in detail.

Jobs in Pia For Female

So let’s talk about males and females in this, everyone can apply regardless of whether you are from any city in Pakistan. Minimum above this training you must have fourteen **** training. After that, you should have communication skills.

She comes to us. After that, if you look at the age, then you can reply to emails up to twenty-five years old, and I always say good appearance, smart appearance, this is very important, so always be rich so that your appearance and your body language are excellent.

Pia Cabin Crew Jobs 2023

Yes, these are the only things that happen in it. Then, good sir, along with that, they are saying that height is five feet six inches air hostess females are five feet six inches for males and those who are females are five feet two.

Inches their height has been fixed material status which is Ah their unmarried male for females can be married. They should be able to speak Urdu, and English and their eyesight should be good. And after that, their salary package was fixed.

Pia Jobs Salary Package

They have written that their salary package will be good. There are forty seats. All this is fine, now, first of all, I will tell you the seven application methods and then we will discuss the three advertisements. I will tell you where to get the application form and where to get these advertisements, I will tell you at the end, okay? It has to be a bank invoice deposit, right?

He has also mentioned this fee. This is HBL’s bank account, it is also written, OK, you go to the bank and take that deposit slip from them and deposit their money, after that, you have to download the application form, I will tell you at the end, from where.

you will get OK, he has to attach a photocopy of his matriculation certificate and attach all his educational certificates and six photographs, passport size with a white background. has happened OK, yes, reputed. After that, you have to send all these things after getting all these things tested.

Not without testing. I always say tested. But instead of rejecting your application for any reason, it is better that we send all the things beforehand, then the chances of rejection of the application are reduced. After that, you have to do all these things properly.

You have to send the application form through TCS or GPO as you like, this manager is from Karachi, recruitment and placement PIA near PIA center Karachi airport seven five two double zero and his contact number is also written.

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