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How To Apply For POF Jobs 2023 In this post, the job of the Pakistan Ordnance Factory will be shared with you. It is a very good opportunity. You can apply from all over Pakistan.

It has come to our official website, there are reviews of Pakistani POF Jobs 2023, you can also go to Google and search, apart from that I will also give the link in the description. Here you will click on the menu button, you have to click on the government jobs, ok, you will come to such an article.

POF Jobs 2023

Now we tell you the complete details of who can apply here. Medical Officer Assistant Manager Assistant Manager Chemical, Assistant Manager, Admin Assistant Programmer, Chargeman, Chemical, Gate Supervisor, and Security Assistant are available here, ok, scroll down here, women quota is also available, disable Quota is also there, minority quota is also there, .

POF Jobs 2023 Advertisement

If you scroll down here, then if we talk about its last date here, December 1, two thousand twenty-three is its last date, before that you have to apply online. You can also see its advertisement from here. Now let us tell you the complete details.

POF Jobs 2023 Vacancies

The first post is that of a medical officer on the 7th scale. You must have an MBBS degree. Your age should not be more than 30 Total of two vacancies from all over Pakistan and KPK people can apply then assistant manager technical is 17th scale

Also if you have a BSc Engineering Degree or a related degree in which the subject should be Computational Mechanic Aerospace Electrical Electronic Mental Argy Mcdonald Industrial and Manufacturing Environmental Sciences you should have then you can apply here More than thirty years of your There is no age requirement.

Age Limit For POF Jobs 2023

People from all over Pakistan, Punjab, and Sindh can apply here. There are four vacancies. After that, Assistant Chemical is the seventh. Skill is B.Sc. Engineering or related degree. Must have passed. You must not be more than 30 years of age. Punjab KPK Sindh people can apply.

There are four vacancies here. You should have a degree in A, Admin, Science, or Economics or BS in Finance and Accounting or MSc in Leadership and Management. The age should not be more than 30 years. People from Sindh and KPK can apply.

There are two vacancies. After that, you should have an Assistant Programmer year degree ok MS degree in Computer Engineering in Computer Science or IT Software Engineering or you should have a BS in Computer Science Sixteen years in Computer Science Software Engineering Should education then you can apply here Artificial Intelligence and Data Sciences can also apply here.

And for this, you should have three years of experience and you should not be more than thirty years old. The people of Sindh can apply in two years after that four manna chemicals is the twelfth scale it is ok retired people can apply here. Those who are retired from the army can apply here,

POF Jobs 2023 For Matric

Your age should not be more than fifty years, then gate supervisor, you should have a minimum Matric pass education, here also retired people can also apply.

Let’s see, after that, there is security assistant, there should be metric pass education, retired people can apply, after that, there is skilled fifth scale, retired people can also apply here, ok, now civilian people can apply here. There are only 77th scale vacancies and only civilian fresh candidates can apply here,

Last Date For POF Jobs 2023

The rest of them are lower scale, the twelfth is the 7th scale, and the fifth is the 5th scale, retired people can apply here. Civilian people can’t apply, only civilian people can apply, it’s on the 70th scale, okay, they’ll scroll below it, the last date is December 1, 2023, okay,

Yes, we have started reading, the post will be very long, but now we will explain how to apply, you have to apply online, you will see a link above the same advertisement. You will see it here. Click here. As soon as you click, the website of Pakistan Ordnance Factory will open in front of you.

POF Jobs 2023 Application Form

See, if you want to apply for BPS seventeen, then you will click on the above. As soon as you click on it, the form will open in front of you. OK, now you can see this here. Do you apply for BPS seventeen or not, then you will select here, after that see this, look here in job status, fresh candidate, you can apply civilian here, ok, and others can also apply, ok, then this is civilian. Now let me tell you the others who are below BPS seventeen cannot apply here.

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