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How To Apply For Punjab Police Jobs 2023 Punjab police constable recruitment has started where can you get the application form for it?

Apart from this, the age limit has been set from eighteen years to twenty-five years, the age limit has been set, both males and females can apply. I am going to share all the updates with your friends in the same post

So, friends, the post is mandatory. You have to visit so that you don’t miss any updates, friends, as you can see on the top of your screen, this is a letter from IG sir, it has been written to DPO Bahawalpur.

Rules For Punjab Police Jobs 2023

He has said yes, you should complete the steps for whatever is necessary, Punjab Police only on a family claim basis means those whose family claim was two thousand and sixteen rules, they have amended it and said this.

For the families of police officers living in your area who have died during service or retired on medical grounds and have not been able to get the family claim, you have to inform them that their Widows or children which can be both male and female above the family claim, traffic assistant and also police constable are willing to be recruited, if the following information is complete, then you should submit your applications in the present office.

Age Limit For Punjab Police Jobs

They should be from eighteen years to twenty-five years, but they are being given relaxation, so with this relaxation, their age limit will be twenty-five years, their education should be intermediate, height five feet seven inches, ladies. for they must be five feet two inches with their thirty-three inches and thirty-four and a half inches with a spread.

If an application is given on a family crime post and they land there, then they can also cancel their first application and can also submit an application for traffic assistance here.

Punjab Police Jobs 2023 Matric Base

It is urged that the candidates of family claim in their concerned district which is Bahawalpur should contact their list and if they are interested in the recruitment above the post of Traffic Assistant then take the applications to SR. C branch has a two-day period.

This means that the notification was issued today and you have to complete all your processes by November 3, because by November 5, your physical will also be started and by the end of this November. You will be given the joining letter inside, so it is a very good initiative of the Punjab Police, which should be appreciated.

Now, friends, talk, many candidates are asking when will Sir all over the Punjab vacancies come. The vacancies that have come now have come within the district of Bahawalpur and they have also come above the family claim, now because of the update.

I had was at the end of October, meaning the end of October, the NOC was supposed to come there, but now. He could not come, and I am also not able to get in touch that next I will get any information from the establishment,

Punjab Police Jobs 2023 Advertisement

God willing, any next update that when his NOC is coming, when will his departmental advertisement come, When will the regular advertisement come, the summary of the regular advertisement, when will it be moved by the Election Commission, whatever the process, the news we will get, we will be with you on the same website as well on your WhatsApp group.

There is also a WhatsApp channel where you will share all the news with your friends, so those friends who have not visited the website should subscribe to the channel, like the post, and share it with your friends and WhatsApp. Join the app group which is in the link description and also join the WhatsApp channel which is in the link description, you have to follow it so that you can Forces related, any update, forces, education, any kind of update, related to jobs, if you can get it first, then friends, meet next, in an informative post, I will remember you in prayers,

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