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In This post we will discuss Rich Dad Poor Dad. Rich Dad Poor Dad is a book that every successful person asks to read. This book has changed the lives of many people. Before starting the post, to read this book for free, the telegram link is given in the description box of this post.

Rich Dad Poor Dad Author

You can read it for free from here Rich Dad Poor Dad is a masterpiece written by the famous author and American entrepreneur Robert Kiyo Saki. We all grew up under the care of the same father but Robert Kiyo Saki’s life was quite different from ours. He grew up with two fathers.

They classified them as rich father and poor father first is his real father whom he called a poor father and second is his friend Mike’s father with whom he spent significant time he called a rich father Robert and Mike were friends And they studied in the same school.

Rich Dad Poor Dad Summary

Poor Dad was very educated. He had completed his PhD degree through a scholarship. On the other hand, rich dad was not educated. He had yet to pass eighth grade. Poor Dad was suffering from the constant financial crisis and was struggling to support his family.

He died with lots of pending bills But his rich dad was one of the richest men in the city He died leaving millions of dollars to his family His poor father always focused on curriculum knowledge and nine to five for the future His rich dad considered his job secure. Focuses on the knowledge that can help the author establish a big company that provides jobs to the unemployed.

Rich Dad Poor Dad Quotes

According to Rich Dad, our thinking impacts our lives. How we think. That’s why he always calls himself rich regardless of his financial situation. A famous quote from the book The Secret says that if you are thinking it in your mind you will soon hold it in your hand. Both dads equally support education but in different ways.

Poor Dad believes that Robert should work hard to find an excellent job with good pay. Rich dad believes that Robert should start his own company. One should study well enough to earn a living and not become a slave of the corporate sector.

What is Rich Dad Poor Dad About

Poor dad often complains about the statement of not being able to afford. Rich dad works on how can I achieve this. He is in favor of this. To become rich a person should be intelligent. Schools generally do not teach us how to become rich.

Schools teach us to do doctor, engineer, collector, and salaried jobs. These institutions wanted to keep us in bondage. To become rich, pay attention to the market and Many other skills are required. Two opinions about everything confused Robert.

Rich Dad Poor Dad Book Writer

Robert T. Kiyosaki and Sharon Lechter

He was not able to decide which path he should take because his rich father was not rich at that time. He only had big dreams and decisions. Talked about: People from the poor class want their children to find a good job and settle down soon. Experimentation on careers is not allowed in lower-middle-class families. People from the rich class teach financial education to their children.

They help them to find out things and Inspire them not to be limited to just one goal. The importance of finance is taught in both theoretical and practical ways. He believes that knowledge is more important than money. Knowing how to earn money is more important than having money. Day Robert asked his father Hey Dad why are you not rich?

Financial Condition

The poor father replied that the reason for his poor financial condition is because of being a teacher. Poor father asked Robert to meet Mike’s father. He told him an excellent way to become rich. To this, Mike said that his father was not rich.

Rich Dad Poor Dad Free

Poor father replied to him that he and Mike’s father had the same banker. The banker said that Mike’s father would be very rich one day and this moment would soon come. Both Mike and Robert decide to meet Mike’s father and he will teach them the skills needed to become rich as described in the book. The rich father was a busy man.

He owned several stores, a warehouse, a construction company, and three Despite being busy, Ridge’s father agreed to meet and talk to Robert. Robert had to wait for a while at Mike’s house. Then finally Rich Daddy came and met him.

Rich Daddy explained that he wanted to give him the money he wanted in schools. Would not give theoretical lectures Instead he offered them to work at his store He would only teach them how to make money in a practical and accountable way The rich dad offered them 10 cents for an hour of work at his store Both The boys accepted his offer and joined the store.

Rich Dad Poor Dad Chapter

They worked at the store every Saturday. Their work was related to cleaning services. After four weeks, Robert started feeling unhappy and dissatisfied with his work. Poor dad also gave up on Robert. Asked to quit his job.

This was because he was not getting a proper salary and his rich father was not teaching him as promised so Robert decided to quit his job. He told Mike that he would not work for his father. At this, Mike started laughing loudly. Robert got angry and asked Mike why he was laughing at him.

Mike replied that his father was rich and he had already told him that Robert would soon lose his life. Will quit the job and when he quit the job Mike had to take him to his rich father so Mike took Robert to his house the next Saturday where the rich father met him.

Rich Dad Poor Dad Games

Robert was feeling very confused and full of self-doubt. Didn’t understand what was going on and why did rich dad did this He was angry He started complaining to his rich dad about missing baseball games and working hard at his store and in return he did nothing After listening to Robert, Rich Dad replied that he has been teaching him since the very first day.

To this, Robert refuted him saying that he did not teach him anything. Rich Dad replied that Teaching didn’t always mean giving theoretical lectures. Instead, it was giving them work experience which was very difficult to get. Robert was still confused.

Rich Dad Poor Dad

He told Rich’s Dad that he would either raise his wages or quit his job. Rich Dad That said, most people think that increased wages can solve most of their problems but that is not true. There is a famous quote from Robert Osaki that explains his scenario perfectly.

The poor and the middle-class work for the money of the rich. Have money to work for. Poor people work hard their whole lives to work for someone else for a monthly salary and retirement. This work of Nai Pa takes away their inner talent of figuring things out and Binds them into a bind from which it is very difficult to escape.

Read Rich Dad Poor Dad

Most of the people fall into this trap. Their income and expenditure increase. In the book, it is called Rat Race. If you use it in the right place and in the right way. It is suggested that you do not increase your expenses with your income. The term rat race in the book refers to working endlessly to pay the bills and collect money without achieving real financial freedom.

Refers to the cycle Kiyo Saki compares the rat race to financial independence and building wealth through passive income Kasa emphasizes the importance of financial education and changing one’s mindset to escape the rat race.

Rich Dad Poor Dad Cash Flow

The book encourages readers to gain financial literacy and focus on knowing cash flow and looking for opportunities to invest and generate multiple sources of income, abandoning the rat race mentality people have over their finances.

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